Bohdalec Quartet


The Board of Directors of the company signed a contract for the construction of the Nová Michle Residential Ensemble known as Bohdalec – Quartet. The building of nine above-ground and two underground floors will be built in the form of an L-shaped building and with a resting interior block set in the environment of the […]

Residence Oliva


Before Christmas, the Company’s Board of Directors signed a contract for the work with Mr. Radim Passer for the construction of the Oliva Residence, which will be located in Prague’s Michle district. The new building of the Oliva apartment building with eight above-ground and three underground floors will in the first floor contain rentable premises […]

Changes in the company’s board of directors and management


Dear Business Partners, Based on the decision made by Mr. Václav Daňek Jr., a member of the Supervisory Board of Ridera Stavební, there have been changes in the composition of the Board of Directors. The new members of the Board of Directors are Mr. Vlastimil Kaňovský and Mrs. Lenka Pešková. With effect from 3 July […]

Changes in the company’s management


Dear clients and business partners, We would like to inform you that due to the dismissal of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, the decision of the sole shareholder in the exercise of the powers of the General Meeting of Rider Stavební a.s. entrusted with the management of the economic department Engr. Mrs. […]

Changes in the company’s management


By the decision of the sole shareholder in the exercise of the powers of the General Meeting of Ridera Stavební a.s., Ridera a.s. of 24 October 2019, the current Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Engr. Ivo Přibyl, was revoked. At the same time, at its meeting on the same day, the Board of […]

The demolition in Pardubice is coming to an end


We have been working in the area of the former distillery for several months. Now the main building “goes to the ground”. Its demolition is one of the most demanding parts of the entire contract. The excavator, which itself weighs 65 tons with its 27-meter long arm, will gradually dismantle the building from the top. […]

Demolition of the former distillery in Pardubice


The long-dilapidated distillery complex was handed over to the company Redstone Real Estate, a.s. by the city of Pardubice on 27 May, which intends to build a modern multifunctional center there. By this time, the area had been cleared. The tenants who lived here had to restore the area to its original condition. Now comes […]

What is being written about us?


Read a new article in Stavební a investorské noviny. It is largely devoted to our recently completed building – the luxury apartment building U Pernikářky. What made the building unique, what technical obstacles did we have to deal with and a lot of other interesting information, can be read below:

We have done it


We recently handed over the construction of a residence near Grébovka to the investor. Among other things, this interesting project was nominated for the Construction of the Year award. Although it did not win the award, its unique solution deserves attention. A specific issue, in this case, was a deep construction pit and the related […]