The ceremonial reopening of the Cathedral of the Divine Savior

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, one of the dominants of Ostrava and an important monument – the Cathedral of the Divine Savior – was ceremoniously reopened. The sensitive reconstruction, which required many unusual solutions and in which our craftsmen had to use all their ingenuity, lasted fifteen months and culminated in a solemn mass, attended by the highest representatives of the church, the region, the city, and the general public.

The total volume of the reconstruction was 68 million crowns, the cathedral received not only a new roof or facade but also, for example, unique digital stained glass windows, which will allow the projection of artistic content into the windows of the cathedral.


More details about the ceremony can be found here:í-straně/2553-ostravska-katedrala-se-po-patnacti-mesicich-otevrela-lidem.html

You can view the extensive photo gallery here, for example: