With more than 60 years of experience we have achieved an exceptional interplay between all stages of construction.

Residential Buildings

A significant part of the production portfolio of RIDERA STAVEBNÍ a.s. consists of residential construction. We are engaged in the construction of family houses, atypical family luxury homes, comprehensive revitalization of the housing stock, up to large housing estates with hundreds of flats. And we realize whole new areas for housing incl. infrastructure, we are able to meet special wishes of investors, such as "Design and Build" construction model, by which we provide the investor with project design, project documentation, financing and implementation itself.

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Civil Amenities

RIDERA STAVEBNÍ a.s. implements civil amenities especially for the public sector. We realize a wide portfolio of constructions of amenities, such as the construction and renovation of sports stadiums, sports halls and arenas, schools and healthcare facilities, nursing homes, commercial and mixed-use buildings and cultural facilities.

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Industrial Buildings

The portfolio of RIDERA STAVEBNÍ a.s. also includes the construction of industrial buildings. Experience of our company extends from the construction of new industrial buildings to renovations of the existing facilities. We are also involved in line constructions, water management and railway transport projects. We are ready to carry out a comprehensive infrastructure associated with these structures.

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Our company RIDERA STAVEBNÍ a.s. carries out activities related to the provision of subsidies to energy savings, elaboration of all required studies, reports and all stages of project documentation. In cooperation with our sister company RIDERA BOHEMIA a.s. we also provide demolitions of buildings, recycling of building materials, supplies and recycled materials and aggregates, and waste storage.

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