Bohdalec Quartet

The Board of Directors of the company signed a contract for the construction of the Nová Michle Residential Ensemble known as Bohdalec – Quartet.

The building of nine above-ground and two underground floors will be built in the form of an L-shaped building and with a resting interior block set in the environment of the Prague 4 – Michle. All entrances to the building are without barriers. The project will be characterized by a rugged façade, which is a combination of classical insulation and a grouping of ventilated and glazed facades. In total, the new building will contain 183 residential units and five commercial premises.

The designer of the apartment building is the company VPÚ DECO PRAHA, the investors are the development and investment groups JRD and RSJ.

The realization of the apartment building will take place from January 2021 to March 2023. The construction will be carried out by a joint project team with Unistav Construction under the direction of the main construction manager Ing. Peter Vranka. Ridera Stavební is a leading partner of Ridera-Unistav-Nová Michle.

Photos from the construction can be watched on the website and social networks of our company.