Demolition of the former distillery in Pardubice

The long-dilapidated distillery complex was handed over to the company Redstone Real Estate, a.s. by the city of Pardubice on 27 May, which intends to build a modern multifunctional center there. By this time, the area had been cleared. The tenants who lived here had to restore the area to its original condition. Now comes the phase of demolition of buildings. The main and at the same time the tallest building will go to the ground in July.

After the handover of the complex, Ridera started clearing the buildings and then started removing individual parts, therefore dismantling the buildings. Everything is going according to plan, so it can be assumed that the main building of the Pardubice distillery will be demolished around August 1. The demolition of the tallest building is planned for one to two days. Heavy equipment begins to demolish the building gradually from the top. Sprinkler cannons will be used on-site during demolition to eliminate dust. Demolition work is permitted on weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm. This also applies to Saturday. Demolition is banned on Sundays, mainly due to noise. The safety technician described the building as a standard, so everything is by the legislation.

“We leave all materials in piles, where the material is sorted. Once everything is ready, the material is loaded into trucks and starts to be exported from the site. We will export hazardous waste according to legislative instructions. We will convert the rubble into a fraction on the spot and it will be used for further use as a product from a recycling facility, “added Robin Brabec on behalf of Rider.

The bus station will not be demolished yet. It will remain in operation at least until the end of 2020. A new multifunctional center and a modern public space will be built on the site of the former distillery not only for the inhabitants of Pardubice.