Directorial Inspection Day

On Tuesday 18th August 2015 a successful directorial inspection day was held at the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour in Ostrava, whose reconstruction is being successfully finalized. The prestige, demanding nature and uniqueness of the reconstruction was emphasized by the participation of very important guests. The investor, which is the Roman Catholic Parish in Ostrava, was represented by His Excellence Msgre. František Lobkowicz; correct work progress was also verified by Ing. Arch. Tomáš Šonovský, who is the designer of this beautiful building.
The Ridera Group was represented by, amongst others, the Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Václav Daněk, as well as members of the management of Ridera Stavební a.s., which is the general contractor of the project. All the participants were shown the progress of the reconstruction and its specifics; all three parties appreciated the works done, observance of the time schedule and exemplary mutual communication which is essential in such important projects. After inspecting the building the whole delegation welcomed the hospitality of the local vicar, and so the informal discussion continued in a friendly spirit with a cup of coffee at the adjoining vicarage.