Double-clicking on the cornerstone of the CPIT TL3 New Technology Platform

By double-clicking on the foundation stone, we ceremoniously started the construction of the “FEI CPIT TL3 New Technology Platform”. And what is hidden under this special abbreviation? These are new laboratories for the Center of Innovation and Technology Support, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, VŠB Ostrava.

The building will be full of the latest technologies: a sophisticated building management system, the ability to monitor and manage energy flows, and much more. With an integrated extensive network of diverse sensor system technologies, the new complex will be part of a building structure that enables high-volume data transfers and large data storage.

A complex of three unique cubes will be created on the construction site, which will differ in the number of floors and their purpose. The construction will be conceived as a test polygon of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics VŠB-TUO. It will also include apartments with permanent residents, who will be monitored during normal daily activities, and the project will result in the development of new applications for sensor systems for households, transmission, and storage of large data, etc.

Ridera Stavební, in addition to the building itself, will also deal with the construction of adjacent roads, parking areas, relocations, connections, sewers, and landscaping, including small furniture. We are proud to be part of the creation of a unique project in which the latest technologies will be used and further developed.