Notice of conversion of the form of shares into book-entry shares

Invitation to shareholders to submit shares in connection with the conversion.

The Board of Directors of Ridera Stavební as, IČ 45192464, with its registered office at Dělnická 382/32, Poruba, 708 00 Ostrava, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section B, Insert 408 (hereinafter the “Company”), hereby publishes provisions of Section 529 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter the “Civil Code”), the following notice, as well as an invitation to a shareholder (or shareholders) of the Company to submit shares and account number in the central register securities:

  1. On 22 August 2016, the sole shareholder of the Company decided to amend the Articles of Association of the Company, consisting, inter alia, in the conversion of the form of the Company’s shares from paper shares to book-entry shares; a public deed was written about this fact – a notarial record.
  2. The Board of Directors of the Company hereby invites the shareholders of the Company to submit the current paper shares of the Company within six months from the date of publication of the decision to change the form of the Company’s shares, on 28 October 2092/216, Mariánské Hory, 709 00, workdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. If the shareholder does not submit the Company’s shares within the specified period, the Company will invite the shareholders to submit the shares within an additional period, noting that after this period the undelivered shares will be declared invalid.
  3. The Company’s Board of Directors also invites the Company’s shareholders to open an asset account in the Central Securities Register in connection with the conversion of the form of shares, through one of the participants in the Central Securities Depository (banks and securities dealers; list of participants on
  4. When submitting the existing paper shares of the Company, the shareholder is obliged to communicate the number of the asset account established according to point 3 above, under the provisions of Section 530, Paragraph 1 of the Company Act, to which the Company’s book-entry shares will be registered.