Residence Oliva

Before Christmas, the Company’s Board of Directors signed a contract for the work with Mr. Radim Passer for the construction of the Oliva Residence, which will be located in Prague’s Michle district.

The new building of the Oliva apartment building with eight above-ground and three underground floors will in the first floor contain rentable premises or establishments and technological background of the house. Underground there will be parking spaces and cellars. The smaller without basement building of the Olivka civic amenities building with two above-ground floors will include a café, kindergarten, exhibition spaces, and small facilities for the whole area. The architect and general designer of both buildings in the shape of an ellipse is the company A69 – architects s.r.o.

The project also includes the modification or construction of new paved areas and public roads, the design of new greenery and small outdoor buildings. Due to the proposed construction, several relocations of existing engineering networks had to be carried out in advance. The formation of the project is expected to be completed by 9/2022.

The investor of the construction is the investment and development company PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s.

The construction will be carried out by a project team led by the main construction manager Ing. Milan Trsko.

Photos from the construction can be watched on the website and social networks of our company.