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Diaconal and educational center – II.

Site Český Těšín
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s. Ostrava, Dělnická 382, Ostrava - Poruba
Investor Silesian diacony
Designer ATRIS s.r.o., Soběšovice, 739 38 Soběšovice
Termín realizace 10/2014 – 07/2015
Investment 40 mil. CZK excluding VAT
Type of structure Civil Amenities
Characteristics of construction

It is the demolition of existing buildings, such as “brownfields” and the subsequent construction of the building of diaconal and educational center.

Construction of “Diaconal and educational center II.” is divided into the following building facilities:

  • SO 01 – Multifunctional and Educational Center
  • SO 02 – TI Network Connections
  • SO 03 – Paved Areas and Landscaping
  • SO 04 – Substations