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Greening of power plant – boiler K14

Site Ostrava – Kunčice
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s. Ostrava, Dělnická 382, Ostrava - Poruba
Investor Arcelor Mittal Energy Ostrava s.r.o.
Termín realizace 07/2014 – 08/2015
Investment 45.3 mil. CZK excluding VAT
Type of structure Industrial Buildings
Characteristics of construction

The subject of construction is the realization of the construction part of the project “Civil Works for Boiler K14” or the “GREENING of HEAT AND POWER PLANT – BOILER K14”, which will be located in Arcelor Mittal Energy Ostrava, s.r.o.

The required scope of works includes foundation of future buildings for future boilers K14 on large-diameter piles and micropiles, including adjacent three-storey monolithic buildings and foundation structures for coaling bridges and others.

The delivery also includes construction of utility networks, adjustment of in-house railway tracks, construction works in the compressor room including supply of air technology, heavy and low-voltage installations.

The next stage will consist in installation of paved area around the boiler K14.

All works are performed during the plant’s operation, with a maximum level of occupational health and safety and quality.