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Letňany Residence

Site Prague 9 – Letňany
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s., Prague Division, V Korytech 1537/10, Prague 10
Investor Moravská stavební - INVEST, a.s.
Designer Spojprojekt Praha a.s., ing. arch. Václav Aulický
Termín realizace 08/2013 – 09/2014
Investment 75.0 mil. CZK excluding VAT
Type of structure Residential buildings - residential building - 9 AGF, UGF 1 - 79 residential units
Characteristics of construction

It was a completion of construction of a residential building with 79 residential units. For the investor we carried out general supply of comprehensive completion of construction following to the preconstructed reinforced concrete building skeleton finished up to the third floor level.

The entire building has 9 AGFs and 1 UGF, made of a combination of monolithic wall and column system, in part with the load-bearing and filling ceramic masonry. Walls in the building are made of ceramic masonry, plastered with gypsum plaster or plaster trowel finish. The facade is made of plastic windows and a contact insulation system. The uniqueness of the project is the significant protrusion of plastic windows in the facade jacket, made by a certified system for facade installation.

The delivery also included complex deliveries of heating, which is provided by a heat exchange station connected to a public hot water duct, high and low voltage installations and of course all other distribution systems for water, sewer, instrumentation and also adjustments of the roads and landscaping.

Vertical transport in the building is ensured by a pair of elevators both passenger and freight.