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Pavilion of elephants in the premises of Ostrava ZOO

Site Ostrava Zoo
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s. Ostrava, Dělnická 382, Ostrava - Poruba
Investor Ostrava Zoo
Termín realizace 03/2003 – 08/2004
Investment 80.15 mil. CZK excluding VAT
Type of structure Civil Amenities
Characteristics of construction

A new ground-floor elephant pavilion structure was built for wheelchaired visitors concurrently with outdoor paddock area.

The pavilion’s ground plan consists of three sectors of a circle: Central one, which contains the main exposition space, ie. the inner enclosure, pool, stables for elephants, space for visitors and exposition with small animals, left side with sanitary facilities for the public, the energy center, etc., and the right side with agronomic and other premises.

The pavilion is located near the outdoor enclosure for elephants. The structure contains a series of specific structures and materials: extra large gabion retaining wall, stainless steel gate with increased demands for operational safety, special flooring materials, electric fencing.