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Přezletice Single-Family Houses – Stage II.

Site Přezletice, district of Prague - východ
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s., Divize Praha, V Korytech 1537/10, Prague 10 Site Manager: ing. Jan Salinger
Investor Moravská stavební – INVEST, a.s.
Designer Ing. Oleg Marholt
Termín realizace 06/2015 - 07/2016
Investment CZK 45.2 mil. excluding VAT
Type of structure Residential buildings – Residential houses
Characteristics of construction

This is the second stage of construction of single-family houses in the locality, following on from the previous building construction. The contract subject matter is the construction of a total of 21 single-family houses, incl. their placement in the terrain, exterior adjustments and paved areas around these houses.

The supporting structure of all these single-family houses is designed with ceramic lining resting on strip foundations. Ceiling structures are made of SPIROL panels. Facades consist of a thermal insulation contact system, while windows and entrance doors are plastic. The delivery also includes all domestic installations. A gas boiler serves as a source of heat and for warming domestic hot water.