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Multifunctional house Na Groši

Site Prague 10 - Hostivař
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s., Prague Division, V Korytech 1537/10, Prague 10
Site Manager: Ing. Ladislav Vávra
Investor CENTRAL GROUP a.s.
Designer QARTA ARCHITEKTURA s.r.o. - Ing. arch. David Wittasek, Ing. arch. Petr Veverka, Ing. arch. Zdeněk Frey
Termín realizace 07/2014 – 11/2015
Investment 153.0 mil. CZK excluding VAT
Type of structure Residential buildings - residential building - 7 AGFs, 2 UGFs and 3 non-residential units
Characteristics of construction

This is the construction of a new residential building with 74 residential and 3 non-residential units. For the investor we provide general supply of complex construction on the existing undeveloped land.

The entire building has 7 AGFs and 2 UGF, made of a combination of monolithic wall and column system, in part with the load-bearing and filling ceramic masonry. Walls in the building are made of ceramic masonry, plastered with gypsum plaster or plaster trowel finish. The facade is made of plastic windows and a contact insulation system. The uniqueness of the project is the significant protrusion of plastic windows in the facade jacket, made by a certified system for facade installation.

The delivery also included complex deliveries of heating, which is provided by a heat exchange station connected to a public hot water duct, high and low voltage installations and of course all other distribution systems for water, sewer, instrumentation etc.

Vertical transport in the building will be ensured by a pair of elevators both passenger and freight. Delivery also includes all modifications of roads, landscaping and green planting.