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Reconstruction of the Municipal stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice

Site Ostrava - Vítkovice
Contractor Ridera Stavební a.s. Ostrava, Dělnická 382, Ostrava - Poruba
Investor Metrostav a.s. on behalf of the "SDRUŽENÍ ARÉNA VÍTKOVICE" association
Termín realizace 09/2012 – 06/2013
Investment 153.6 mil. CZK excluding VAT
Type of structure Civil amenities - reconstruction of sports facilities
Characteristics of construction

It was the most fundamental transformation of sports facility, whose history dates back to 1939. In the place of concrete walkways on the east side, a new covered grandstand for 5,000 spectators was built, together with the required sanitary facilities, energy centres, storage hall, entrance gates and the necessary transport facilities and technical infrastructure. Within the construction works the tracks and sectors were fitted with tartan surface, the pitch received a new lawn, the towers were equipped with artificial lighting, a channel was installed under the athletics track, and the retrofit also included access roads, fencing, relocation of old and installation of new connections, parking areas, cash desks, etc.

The municipal Stadium now meets the technical requirements according to the classification of IAAF organizations for category II, UEFA and the Czech Football Association for Category 3

Supporting structure of the grandstand consists of 18 main massive frames and supporting horizontal and vertical beams. Precast concrete steps forming the grandstand after assembly are left in the production design. Tribune is covered by its own roof deck and the suspended ceiling on the soffit. The soffit is divided into strips of different width so that behind the last row of the audience the lanes are the narrowest and on the edge of the casing closest to the playing surface they are the widest. The soffits also provide acoustic attenuation in the area of the grandstand.